Opsvik & Jennings are releasing Lune, a new ten track album as a digital download. The album will be released one song at a time on the first day of every month, beginning on July 1st, 2014.

This is the first track, Titan

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Dustin Dis took some photos from last nights debut show with SOLEN SPRAKER at Spectrum. It was a great experience, more to come for sure.

Will post some videos at some point also.

Kris Davis - prepared piano, Angelica Sanchez - moog synth, Dave LeBleu - modular synth, Eivind Opsvik - bass

2 reviews from “Eivind Opsvik Overseas” tour

Orkester Journalen (SE):

Den norske kontrabasisten Eivind Opsvik och hans Overseas, med Jacob Sacks, keyboard, Tom Malaby, saxofon, Kenny Wollesen, trummor, och Brandon Seabrook på en stökig gitarr, gav den konsert som etsade sig fast djupast i minnet. Bandledaren Opsvik visade upp ett brett register, inte bara i sitt spel. Han skriver all musik själv, och här blandas det friskt.


Overseas bildades 2002 och består av Jacob Sacks, keyboard, Tony Malaby, saxofon, Kenny Wollesen, trummor och,Brandon Seabrook, gitarr.

Det är improviserad jazz som vilar på harmonik från senromantiken, vanlig rhythm & blues eller på en snabb och spretig ambient-figur i basen, som upprepas med omänsklig precision likt en evighets-loop.

Efter konserten nämnde Opsvik namn som Brian Eno och Neil Young bland dem som inspirerat honom, liksom Alban Berg.

- Jag försöker använda Alban Bergs harmonik och tolvtonsteknik, men kanske bara i 30 sekunder, sade han.

Jazz Journal (UK):

The other concerts by Zoambo Zoet Workestrao (Slovenia), Naked Wolf (Netherlands) and Eivind Opsvik ‘Overseas 1V’ (NYC-based Norwegian bassist/composer) were all from the more creative side of jazz-rock, incorporating varying elements of free improvisation. Although not entirely to my jazz tastes, I found them interesting for the emphasis on high energy, humour and lively presentations. They appealed strongly to the younger crowd and this should not be underestimated for the future of our music.

Review of Thursday June 5th show (by Cisco Bradley)

Eivind Opsvik’s Overseas Is Spectacular at Greenwich House Music School, 5 June 2014

Fresh off a European tour to Italy, France, and Slovenia, Eivind Opsvik‘s band Overseas played with a “take no prisoners” attitude at Greenwich House Music School last night. The music they performed was deep with interwoven textures and exploded with rich, shifting flavors each set in generous, though not overwhelming proportions. At the center, Opsvik’s warm tone gives this music surprising buoyancy as the other contributors seem to maneuver around him as they collectively build vivid sonic architectures. The songs really move and develop, introducing new ideas readily throughout, evidence of thoughtful, imaginative compositions. This music is broadly accessible while maintaining a refreshing edginess, all bound together in cohesive abstraction.

Opsvik is one of the premier bassists of his generation and has been a stalwart of the New York scene since the late 90s. Overseas also consists of tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby, pianist Jacob Sacks, guitarist Brandon Seabrook, and drummer Kenny Wollesen. Malaby and Seabrook, both intense, fiery players, connected particularly well, often in momentary surges or when one supported while the other soared. Meanwhile, Sacks and Wollesen worked the angles–playing with the open spaces via dashing forays.

Overseas performs incredibly well together from years of familiarity. Their first record, Overseas, was released in 2003, with subsequent releases in 2005, 2008, and 2012 (Overseas II, III, and IV, respectively). Their recordings reveal a great deal of evolution over the years, exhibiting an aesthetic that ranges from the roots of free jazz to rock-tinged lyricism and avant pop. We can only hope that a fifth record is coming soon.


June 5th Double bill: Eivind Opsvik’s Overseas + Mike Baggetta Quartet at Greenwich House Music School

"Bassist Eivind Opsvik leads his textured band Overseas in a double bill with guitarist Mike Baggetta, who will be celebrating the release of his quartet album “Thieves & Secrets.” "

OVERSEAS: Eivind Opsvik, double-bass; Tony Malaby, saxophone; Brandon Seabrook, guitar; Jacob Sacks, piano; Kenny Wollesen, drums

MIKE BAGGETTA QUARTET: Mike Baggetta, guitar; Jason Rigby, saxophone; George Schuller, drums; Eivind Opsvik, bass

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